Glass magnesium&rock wool purification board

Glass magnesium sandwich panel (commonly known as magnesium oxide sandwich panel) is a new type of non combustible decorative material made of magnesium cementitious material with stable performance, medium alkaline glass fiber mesh as reinforcement and light material as filler.

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    Glass magnesium&rock wool purification board
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Glass magnesium&rock wool purification board

Glass magnesium sandwich panel is processed by special production process. It has the characteristics of fire prevention, waterproof, tasteless, non-toxic, non freezing, non-corrosive, non cracking, invariable, non combustible, high strength, light weight, convenient construction and long service life.Glass magnesium plate has good fire resistance. It is a non combustible plate. The continuous combustion time of flame is zero. It does not burn at 800 ℃ and has no flame at 1200 ℃, reaching the highest fire resistance and non combustion level A1.

Product Specification

Panel effective width[mm]  950-1150
Cladding thickness[mm]  0.4--0.8
Material of cladding Galvanized sheet, stainless steel
Core             Rock wool(1piece)&Glass magnesium (2pieces)
Core thickness[mm] Customized
Panel thickness[mm]   40-200
weight[kg/m2]  22
Uniformly distributed bearing gravity[kg/m2]  200
Fire resistant level A1
Color Customized
Panel length 20FT,5.95m/40FT,11.95m

Production process

The glass magnesium rock wool sandwich board is made of high-quality color coated steel plate as the surface layer, galvanized steel strip as the edge sealing part and stiffener, moisture-proof glass magnesium plate as the core material, following strict processing technology and through pressurization, heating, bonding and other processes. It is characterized by good sealing and high fire rating.

Features prevention


3.Tasteless and non-toxic

4.No frost crack

5.Do not rot

6.Non combustion

7.High strength and light weight

8.Convenient construction

9.Long service life


Glass magnesium sandwich board is a composite board made of color coated board, stainless steel and other materials as surface materials, which has unique dust-proof, anti-static, antibacterial and other effects. It is widely used in clean engineering fields with strict requirements for indoor environment, such as electronics, pharmacy, food, biology, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and scientific research.

Product display

Glass magnesium sandwich panel

Packing & Delivery


Seaworthy packing standards:

PVC on both sides to protect the roof panel ends;

Packed with paper to protect the panel ends;

Put EPS foam on the each space to keep the panel from squeezing each other.

If you have special requirements,please feel free to discuss with us.

This is to make us improved and protect your goods well. 


Delivery time for regular colors,coating types and thickness:7-10 days;

Delivery time for special colors,coating types and thickness:20-30 days;

Delivery terms:FOB/CIF/CFR/DDP is available;

We can find good forwarder for customer or accept appointed forwarder from customers.

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