Jiangsu Yinhuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.,
  • Nanjing TSMC
    Nanjing TSMC
    In 2016, TSMC built a factory in Nanjing, mainly producing 28nm chips.Through our efforts, we have obtained the right to supply profiled steel plates required by the project. Partner: China Construction First Bureau Group Construction Development Co., Ltd. Signed on: December 12, 2016. Product Name: profiled steel plate. Quantity: 24600 square meters.
  • Supply profiled steel sheet to Xi'an Samsung project
    Supply profiled steel sheet to Xi'an Samsung project
    The project is located in the southwest suburb of Xi'an and within the new area of Xi'an high tech Industrial Development Zone, adjacent to the South Ring Railway in the north and Xi'an University of Electronic Science and technology in the East.The total planned land area is 9.4 square kilometers, of which the comprehensive bonded area covers 4.32 square kilometers and the supporting service area covers about 5.08 square kilometers.Partner: the Third Construction Co., Ltd. of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau. Contract signing time: May 12, 2018. Supply product: reinforced truss floor support plate. Quantity: 20692 square meters.
  • Shanghai Pudong Financial Plaza
    Shanghai Pudong Financial Plaza
    Shanghai Pudong Financial Plaza is located in the core area of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, adjacent to Century Avenue, Shangcheng road in the south, Nanquan North Road in the East and Pudong South Road in the West. It covers a total area of 301658 square meters.
  • Ji-nan Golden Times Square
    Ji-nan Golden Times Square
    Ji-nan Golden Times Square has a construction area of 530000 square meters, a greening rate of 36% and 3069 underground parking spaces.We supply 46000 square meters of profiled steel plate and 35000 square meters of fireproof sandwich panels and silencing sandwich board.
  • Nanjing Dabaoen Temple
    Nanjing Dabaoen Temple
    The oldest Buddhist temple in Chinese history, its predecessor was Jianchu temple and Ayu king tower built in the chiwu period of the eastern Wu Dynasty (238-250). It is the second temple in China after the White Horse Temple in Luoyang and the first Buddhist temple established in southern China. China's Buddhist Center, together with Linggu Temple and Tianjie temple, is known as the three major temples of Jinling.We have supplied all the profiled steel plates required for this project.
  • Jingdong Anhui e-commerce Industrial Park
    Jingdong Anhui e-commerce Industrial Park
    The project is located in Hefei Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone, covering an area of about 540000 square meters and a total investment of 3 billion yuan. After completion, the project will support JD's e-commerce operation and cloud data services in Hefei and even the whole Anhui Province.Partner: China Construction Third Engineering Bureau First Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Signed on: December 20, 2017. Supply products: profiled steel plate. Quantity: 39000 square meters.
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