Polyurethane sandwich panels for wall system

When polyurethane sandwich panel is used as exterior wall panel, it has good waterproof and moisture-proof effect. MOQ:500m2 per size&color

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    Polyurethane sandwich panels 950/1150
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    T/T;L/C at sight
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    Galvanized natural color
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    NanJing /ShangHai,China
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    500m² per color&size
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Polyurethane sandwich panels for wall system

Polyurethane sandwich panel has beautiful appearance and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention and waterproof, and does not need secondary decoration. It has the advantages of fast and convenient installation, short construction cycle, good comprehensive benefits and good cost performance. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving building envelope material with wide uses and great potential, It is also a new energy-saving plate advocated and promoted by the Ministry of construction.

Highlights ofpolyurethane sandwich panels

1.Various colors

polyurethane sandwich panels of different colors can be selected according to different styles of buildings.

2.Waterproof and thermal insulation

Polyurethane sandwich panel can be very good at waterproof, thermal insulation and fire prevention.

3.Long service life

Because the coating of color steel claddingworks, the service life ofpolyurethane sandwich panels can reach more than20 years.

4.Easy installation

The installation ofpolyurethane sandwich panel is very simple, which can save a lot of construction time.

Product Specification

Panel effective width[mm] 950-1150
Cladding thickness[mm] 0.35--0.75
Material of cladding  PPGL/PPGI sheet&Aluminum sheet
Coating    PE,SMP,HDP,PVDF
Core        Polyurethane  
Core density 40-42 kg/m3
Core thickness[mm] Customized
Panel thickness[mm] 40-200
Fire resistant level B1



Panel length 



1) Low thermal conductivity polyurethane sandwich board composite board has small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance. It is the best thermal insulation material at present.

2) Beautiful plate shape and convenient installation

3) Polyurethane sandwich panel has good fire resistance

4) Polyurethane sandwich panel is non-toxic and tasteless

5) Wide temperature range

6) Waterproof and moisture proof


PU sandwich panel is a bimetallic, single metal and non-metallic composite plate with polyurethane rigid foam as the insulation layer. It is usually used in the wall and roof enclosure system of industrial plants, logistics storage and integrated houses.

Installation guide 

The installation of sandwich panels is relatively simple.  Let's take a small house as an example to show you how to install sandwich panels.

If you have any questions about the installation of this product, please contact us and we will send you a detailed installation instruction.We can also tell you how to easily solve the installation problem in the email : syinhuan@chinayinhuan.com

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