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Excellent performance of sandwich panels in energy saving

Jan 24, 2022

Sandwich panels are an energy saving, highly durable and fire resistant solution for exterior walls.  They have been used in the UK and Europe for many years because they are manufactured off-site and are so thermally efficient.

Sandwich panels take full advantage of the thermal storage properties of concrete to balance extreme indoor temperatures, which fluctuate as outdoor temperatures range from very hot in summer to cool on winter nights.

Electricity is expensive in many places, so an important goal is to build an energy-efficient home that minimizes heating and cooling costs.  Sandwich panels, once heated by winter sunlight, effectively retain valuable heat inside the building.  Heat is absorbed during the day and then released into the internal living space at night as the external temperature drops.  Conversely, there is less need for air conditioning in summer, when eaves and other shades block summer sunlight from entering Windows.  The outer layer absorbs heat from the sun, while the inner layer is protected from heat by an insulating layer.  As a result, the interior Spaces remain cool.

The sandwich panels are manufactured offsite, which means the manufacturing waste is recycled in the factory and the installation process is faster.  When you live in a house with sandwich panels, you don't have to run the air conditioning and heaters to the same extent.  Prefabricated walls are maintenance-free, but they are permanent barriers against fire, heat, impact and smoke.

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