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Fire purification board and truss decks used in medical system building

Oct 01, 2021

Nanjing International Precision Medical Center.MCC 5 has obtained the construction right of the project. In October 2021, they ordered a batch of building materials from us, including reinforced truss floor bearing plate, profiled steel plate, cold-formed section steel and fire purification board.The Precision Medical Center land area is about 20956 square meters, the plot ratio is ≤ 3.0, the building height is ≤ 50 meters, the building density is ≤ 30%, and the green space rate is ≥ 35%. The total construction area is about 68435 square meters, including 52573 square meters above ground and 15862 square meters underground. The main construction contents include outpatient department, medical technology department, inpatient department, etc.

Nanjing Jiangbei International Precision Medical Center

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