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We supplied steel truss floor decks to Wuhan Jiangcheng gate

Oct 09, 2021

Jiangcheng gate project covers an area of 36540 square meters. We provide 26000 square meters of profiled steel plates.It is located to the east of Linjiang Avenue and to the north of Yangtze River tunnel. It has a total construction area of 355000 square meters. It mainly constructs 238.6 meters of international 5A class A office building, with the appearance of Jiangcheng gate. After completion, it will introduce R & D institutions engaged in power automation, energy-saving program control and other R & D institutions within the group such as Huadian Electric Power Research Institute and Guodian Nanzi, commit to the R & D of energy-saving intelligent projects of power plants, attract energy and financial enterprises among the world's top 500 enterprises, and build a first-class energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon energy R & D base. Bi Yanchun, general manager of China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., said, "the Jiangcheng gate project is the key construction project of China Railway Construction Engineering Group in Wuhan. It is expected to invest 3.941 billion yuan and realize tax revenue of 600 million yuan after completion, which will surely provide a new driving force for economic growth in Wuchang area.

Our company will undertake the design, production and supply of the steel truss floor bearing plate of the gate of Wuhan Jiangcheng. The technicians and production personnel of Yinhuan will wait for the delivery order at any time, serve the site at any time and place, and contribute to the early completion of the project.

Corrugted profiled steel sheets in high-buildings

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