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How many years can color steel plates be used

Dec 11, 2021

Color steel plate is a new environmental protection building material in China in recent years. Color steel plate is based on cold-rolled steel plate. After degreasing, phosphating and chromate treatment, it is hot-dip galvanized on both sides under the protection of nitrogen, and then applied with chemical conversion film easy to firmly adhere to the primer, then coated with epoxy resin primer, and finally coated with chemical corrosion-resistant color finish paint. It is often used as metal roofing and wall panels. The surface of color steel plates are generally painted or coated with plastic as the protective layer. Under the condition that the protective layer is not damaged, it generally has a service life of 10 ~ 20 years. When used for different purposes, the actual situation should be taken into account and the appropriate color steel plate model should be selected. The required can be achieved by regular maintenance at ordinary times.

Color steel plate

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