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Development status of building bearing plate in China

Oct 12, 2021

Since the reform and opening up, with the development of science and technology, China's construction level has also improved day by day. The first batch of steel structure buildings represented by Shenzhen special zone have sprung up. With the passage of time, the varieties and specifications of domestic steel products have become more and more complete, the quality of steel products has also been greatly improved, and the types of floor bearing plates have become more and more novel, The design and construction technology of floor slab is also more and more developed, and more and more landmark projects are being applied. For example, CCTV new building, Shanghai center, Guangzhou new TV Tower, Shenzhen Ping An financial center, etc., are mainly high, big, new and strange. The number of floor slab buildings also marks the economic strength and economic development of a country or region.At present, there is serious overcapacity and homogenization in China, resulting in vicious competition in the market price war.We have a responsibility to change this situation.

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