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Problems faced by new material suppliers

Oct 12, 2021

There are mainly two kinds of customers now, one is cash and spot, which is the price, making a little labor cost, and the other is project advance, which seems to have a high profit, but the long collection cycle, and even some well-known peer enterprises have been dragged to death. Some manufacturers offer very low prices, which can be said to be cost prices. Where are their profits? Is the thickness, material and zinc layer of raw materials up to standard? Is it an agreement product? Whether the supply performance can be guaranteed or not needs a question mark. Enterprises receiving orders at low prices only value immediate interests, but seemingly forced individual choices are endangering the healthy development of the industry as a whole. This business model will not last long. Moreover, in the process of industry transformation and upgrading, enterprises also lose the ability to improve from product development and process innovation, and their development path can only be narrower and narrower, and finally starve their peers, I'm tired to death and pit customers. Good products depend on quality, people and taste. The premise of good service is profit. Profit space can be squeezed, but it can't disappear. Otherwise, service will disappear together with profit. Every company must survive, but if there is no living space, how can quality and service be guaranteed? Enterprises need to have a conscience. They would rather explain the price for a while than apologize to customers for their quality for a lifetime. Finally,we hope everyone can develop healthily.

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